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A standalone interface tailored to your business processes

Forest is packed with a set of features designed to help you deliver more value to your customer

Browse your data in Forest Admin

Browse your data

Summary views
Summary Views

Tailor your Admin Panel to your operational needs by providing an aggregated view of all the key/critical information to your business operations and increase your business team's execution efficiency with the summary view


Read in a structured way in real time all your data from your very own database


We did not simply build a search, we built a powerful search your team can rely on

Summary Views in Forest Admin Explore your database in Forest Admin Power search in your database with Forest Admin
Organize in Forest

Organize your data

Segmentation of your data for better use in Forest Admin

Forest lets you filter and segment any group of records in your database natively thanks to its powerful set of operators

Smart features
Smart features

The SMART features allow you to customize your admin to your specific business needs. There are virtually no limitations to the Forest SMART features which will enable you to handle 100% of the processes that you're willing to implement to make your company execute faster.

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Smart Actions

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Smart Views

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Smart Segments

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Smart Collections

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Smart Fields

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Smart Relationships

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Smart Charts

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Use all of Forest Admin Smart Features for power use
Edit your UI and layout with Forest Admin Layout Editor
Layout Editor
Layout Editor

The Layout Editor is an essential tool to manage your team's permissions and tailor your Forest Admin interface to each of your specific business needs. No coding required, simply drag and drop

Reconcile your data in Forest Admin

Reconcile your data

Reconcile in Forest Admin
Third party integrations

Managing your business efficiently implies, more often than not, that you analyze data spread across multiple platforms. Forest gathers all these analytics and links them with your application's data so that your operational team can handle requests with agility.

Integration with third-party providers only requires a couple lines of configuration, keeping all your data in one place

Use integrations in your Admin Panel and reconcile your data

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Streamline your data in Forest Admin

Streamline your data


Forest fits into your existing workflows and provides you with the framework to streamline those business processes effortlessly. Seamlessly build, organize and execute your business workflows within the Forest interface

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Approval Workflow

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Workflow Builder

Create workflows right into your database with Forest Admin workflows
Icon Manipulate

Manipulate your data

Use Smart actions in Forest Admin CRUD actions in Forest Admin Export in Forest Admin
Smart actions
Smart actions

Sooner or later, you will need to perform actions on your data that are specific to your business. Generating an invoice, resetting a password or banning a user are exactly the kind of important tasks you need to make available in order to manage your day-to-day operations


Perform all your basic CUD operations out of the box, no extra configuration required


Use Forest to filter the data you need and easily export them as .csv files whenever you need


Listen to your data

Analytics per account in Forest Admin
Analytics per account

Keeping track of your user activity can be a tedious process if not set-up appropriately. Forest provides you with the right tool to monitor the performance indicators that matter at a record level. With the analytics per account feature, systematically conduct a thorough monitoring of your data, anticipate and predict your customer's needs before they're even able to formulate it for better lead nurturing, trial conversion, and upsells!

Forest Admin Dashboard

Your admin should come with a powerful dashboard that enables you to keep tabs on all the relevant KPIs you need to manage your business unit everyday. Forest is able to tap into your actual data to showcase those metrics as the first thing you’ll see logging in everyday

Forest Admin Dashboard
Alerts received in Forest Admin
Alert center

You wouldn't like to leave your customer stuck with an issue, fearing for him to churn after endless hours spent to get him onboard? Fear no more, our notification center keeps you up to date so that no admin-related issues are left unsolved

Collaborate in Forest Admin

Collaborate on your data

Team creation and permission in Forest Admin Note creation and messages in Forest Admin Activity log in Forest Admin
Team based permission

Keep control over who has access to which content among your organization’s people with Forest’s user management system

Tasks and Notes
Task assignement - Notes - Comments

As your team grows, so do all the little things it takes for your operations to run smoothly. With Forest, you can assign your teammates on specific tasks, leave a note or simply comment a record, simplifying collaboration and productivity all across your office

Activity log
Activity logs

Serious businesses need accountability at every point which is why we’ve developed an extensive activity log, so that you can follow the trail of modifications on any item

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