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Take control of your application data with no time wasted on internal tools developed in-house.

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Why Forest

Gear up your business team with the Admin Panel they deserve without wasting time developing it.

One Admin Panel, a million use cases

Forest’s meticulously-designed APIs and unmatched functionality help you create the best possible Admin Panel to run your operations.

Forest Schema

Browse your data

Forest enables you to unleash the power of your data in the simplest way.

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Organize your data

Backend architecture can be immensely complex. Forest will scan your ORM to retrieve the database models, and generate an admin REST API that will communicate directly with our Admin Panel.

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Reconcile your data

Bring additional intelligence and consistency by leveraging data from third party services coupled with your application’s data in a single interface.

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Streamline your data

Forest fits into your existing workflows and provides you with the framework to streamline those business processes effortlessly.

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Manipulate your data

Provide your operational team with a tool with which they can perform any actions towards your customers' success.

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Listen to your data

Anticipate/predict your customer needs before they're even able to formulate it for better lead nurturing, trial conversion, and upsells.

Forest Schema

Collaborate on your data

As your team grows, so do all the little things it takes for your operations to run smoothly. With Forest, simplify collaboration and productivity all across your office.

Forest Admin is a new kind of SaaS

We are the first SaaS enabling you to visualize and manipulate your app's data... without ever accessing it!

Forest Admin Business Grade Security Features

Business grade security features

We know that with scalability comes great responsibility. That’s why we made sure to provide a business grade level of security: enforced 2FA, IP Whitelisting (to name a few) comes out-of-the-box with Forest Admin.

Forest Admin No Acccess

No access given to your data

Data transits through the admin API hosted on your servers to your end-user browser, while remaining invisible to our Forest Admin servers.

We’re already working with companies compliant with Industry Standard Certifications

Forest Security Icon PCI

PCI DSS certification

Forest Security Icon SOC2


Forest Security Icon HIPAA

HIPAA certification

Forest Security Icon GDPR

GDPR Compliance

We're powering their Admin Panel

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"Data privacy is one of the most important parts of our project. Dealing with medical information and being HIPAA-Compliant implies high responsibilities. Being able to use Forest without giving access to our data was definitely a strong value-added."
Eren Bali, CEO Logo of Carbon Health
"I regret that we did not know Forest before. Since we use it, we have saved a lot of time in our drivers' onboarding and our international expansion went seamlessly. We are now more focus on what matters most to us: our users' experience."
Kristell Hass, Country Manager Logo of Heetch
"Forest supported our growth from day 1: we grew our team from 4 to 70+ people, and now have more than 10,000 business clients, less than 10 months after launch! Thanks to its flexibility, we were able to focus on what really matters: building our product and providing a top-notch customer experience."
Germain Michou-Tonning, Operations Director Logo of Qonto
"Forest saved us hours of design, development and maintenance. I don't want to imagine the tool we'll be using now if we had developed it internally. Onboarding our new US team was a no brainer thanks to the team-based feature."
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